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This site is for sale or lease.  Very reasonable price.

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There are four cities across the United States named “Fairview Park”.  All have apartment complexes with units for rent.  The site name or would be a valuable resource for any of these apartment buildings.  There are also many regional parks named Fairview Park, some with great historical significance.

The cities that these apartments are located in may want to consider purchasing the site name in order to enhance the appeal of their city.  What city would want a sub-standard apartment complex named after the city it was in?  Not one I would imagine. After doing just a little searching for cities and apartments named Fairview Park, I found that most, if not all of these cities have a growing and vibrant community with well kept roads and buildings in very quiet neighborhoods.

The links below either payed a fee to be shown on this site or have an affiliation with the site owner or are just sites the owner thinks are relevent.

Fairview Park, Indiana

Fairview Park, Utah

Fairview Park, North Carolina

Fairview Park, Ohio

Fairview Park, Pennsylvania

Cleveland Metroparks

Melrose Village

While in Los Angeles, you may want to visit Melrose Avenue. It’s an eclectic mix of food, clothing and gang graffiti. The neighbors who live in the area have developed a website to showcase the specific needs of the community that are not being met by the Neighborhood Council – Mid City West. You can check out more by click HERE.